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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to visit my website. Out of all the vast websites out there, you have come here for a reason. You are searching for what we have. Congratulations!

Call it fate or sheer luck, yet you are in for a great financial journey should you join up with our expert team in making an added income online with your very own home based business. Whether you like or love your job and simply are here to look for an added income to supplement your current income or want to totally get out of the ‘rat race’ and earn a full time income online, both can be achieved through JMAC Wealth.

As we may be working together for perhaps decades ahead, here’s a brief snippet of me. I was born and raised in Sydney, NSW Australia with 2 loving parents and 5 great siblings. My father was a hard working man who provided very well for us all and my mother chiefly looked after the domestic side of things doing a fantastic job for many years!

I have traveled a number of countries in parts of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. I enjoy a variety of things from bush walking, tour cycling, playing guitar, singing and throwing my boomerang. Yes, boomerang! No, not many of us I agree.

On the flip side of my leisure time, I’ve worn many work hats going back more than 35 years. From a young age, for ‘pocket money’, myself & siblings got out and worked. I recall when I was a young teenager going door to door in my local neighborhood asking if anyone needed their lawns mowed or car washed. I also recall going to our local retirement village and asking the residents if they needed their gardening done.At about 15 years of age, whilst going to school, three(proper) jobs come to mind working part time from collecting trolleys for the local supermarket to packing shopping bags for the customers & also delivering the local newspapers. I call it pocket money yet it was income that allowed us to pay our way to go see a movie or buy some firecrackers in our corner store (yes, you could buy firecrackers legally back in those days).

Combined, they were all good training for what I am about to share with you so please keep reading!

Upon completing the last year of high school, I wanted to join the Police. The NSW Police Department announced that recruitment was temporarily on hold so, at 18 years of age, as my heart was on becoming a Police officer, I worked from day one in any job I could find (simply to earn an income UNTIL they reopened Police recruitment in the mid 80’s). I started in the Police in 1987 and spent 13 years in that job until resigning to undertaking & completing a university course in Occupational Therapy.

That profession soon after transitioned into running my own rehab & personal fitness training business which I still operate today having trained many satisfied clients over the past 11 plus years!
My prime work life has involved exchanging MY time for income in which, if I do not work, I simply, like millions of people around the world, do NOT get paid. That is NOT a rocket science statement but, I recall back in my mid 30’s after one day sitting in bumper to bumper peak hour traffic, the penny dropped and I thought to myself ‘THIS IS NOT HOW THE RICH & WEALTHY DO IT’.

So I got to thinking: HOW do the rich & wealthy do it?

Essentially they follow income producing SYSTEMS!
The prime way the rich & wealthy ‘get ahead of the masses’in life and create way more than exchanging time for money is to develop or tap into income producing systems that essentially allows them to leverage/duplicate their time for more money. American business magnate John D Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) famously said ‘I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts’. This is simply how the rich & wealthy achieve success and tremendous income.

OK, back in the 90’s (when more and more people were getting home/personal computers) I heard that many were earning good money working from home so, fast forward to 2006 to my peak hour traffic ‘moment’ in my mid 30’s, I started to look online as the internet is literally full of online income producing systems to gain an added income. These are often referred to as income “opportunities”.

I emphasize “opportunities” because after vast research along with being involved in gaining an added income means for over 11 years online, I can assure you (especially if you are new to searching to earn an income online), that there are “opportunities” that do NOT match all the glitz and glamour as they are not secure, not sustainable and along with that, simply hard to earn even a small income let alone a tremendous income that many of these business income “opportunity” developers will market to you. Basically, a vast majority of these so called “opportunities” can cause you mental stress (also on your personal relationships), loss of your hard earned investment/money AND essentially a waste of your time. I know because I have been there done that!!

I have learnt a great deal on what is secure, sustainable and essentially I have acquired important priceless information that I want to share with you so you can have a golden stress free path to gaining an added income and achieve financial success.
So if you want to earn more money on top of what you currently have coming in (that could even replace your current income) AND you do NOT want to go through the hurdles, the ups and downs, sifting through all the hype (aka BS), then let me show you our easy income producing system that WORKS very well for ALL who are following!!
Now I must say that this is NOT some lottery. Like any business it does take time to build however, ALL following the system are earning very good ongoing income AND the great thing is that this can all be done in your spare time.
To start the journey, FIND OUT WHAT WE HAVE so you can make an informed decision.

YOU deserve it!!!

You only get one life so you owe it to yourself & your loved ones to live a more financially secure lifestyle that can literally be as much income as you desire.
Speaking of desire, we work off the principle/philosophy of the LAW OF ATTRACTION which is, as most can relate, as true as all LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, i.e. the Law of Attraction is what you desire, wish for and focus on you will attract into your life. Each life is a blessing. Each life is a miracle. WE all deserve abundance in our life.
And, I must add, you will get plenty of support/help and guidance along the way with training from many in our success team. WE are people driven NOT money driven so you’ll be joining a team dedicated to making sure YOU achieve your financial goals.

If you haven’t done so yet, go back to the home page and fill in your contact details so we can get to you the information so you can make an informed decision.
To your success!

John McDermott
Success Coach & Entrepreneur


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